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imranchishtyDOTcom is committed to provide Complete & Quality IT Solution to its valued customers

Why Outsource

Outsourcing increases efficiency and reduces your overheads so your business can grow faster. By outsourcing IT, mobile app development or graphic design for example, your business is able to focus on your core business objectives. By outsourcing parts of your business you can free up internal resources in order to achieve your goals faster, without having to worry about head count and the costs associated with it


Best People

With extensive experience across a huge range of industries, our highly trained employees are reliable, dedicated and can innovative approach to resolve your issues


Best Technology

We have superb infrastructure and only use the best systems and technology so we can work quickly, securely and efficiently to get the job done well and on time


Best Processes

Our strategies are well thought out; all our plans go through rigorous checks to ensure they will achieve excellent results, meeting all of your objectives

We are dedicated to learning and development so our employees are highly skilled, enabling us to work smarter, faster and bring you innovative solutions to maximize all opportunities

Our extensive range of services

We are one of the topper in the industry with Extensive Range of Services

Scalable solutions for SME's

All type of solutions available for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

Expertise of huge range of industries

Our expertise convers Huge Range of Industry within standards

High level of competencey

With High Level of Competencey, we challenge problems

Some of our most demanding SERVICES

ERP & MIS Solutions

Design, Development & Implementation
Master Data Management
Import/Export Routines
Support System
Customized Reporting

WWW Services

Website Designing
Domain Registration
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Financial Services

Master Data Management
Chart of Accounts (COA) Design
Customized Reporting
Audit Preparation
Management Consultancy

Open License Products

All kind of OLPs

OEM Software

All kind of OEM Software

Hardware & Network Equipment

All kind of Hardware & Network Equipment

We offer a huge range
of services to support your business


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Software / Services

ERP & MIS Solution
WWW Services
Financial Services

Hardware & Licenses

Open License Products (OLP)
OEM Software
Hardware & Network Equipment


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